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Merry Christmas, Y’all
...Texas Style!

by Dwayne Bohac and Kay Clinton

Merry Christmas, Y’all is a fun, witty little Christmas book that blends pop culture, politics, and of course, Christmas…Texas Style! In this book, with over 50 endnotes, you’ll be treated to exactly what Santa sees and does as he visits the Great State of Texas—we hear it’s his favorite! This book highlights 16 stops along the way.

Not your traditional Christmas book, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and, in fact, has enough innuendo and nuance that you will find yourself looking for the hidden meanings or references throughout the book. You’ll find little known—and big known—historical references, as well other surprises and subjects including Johnny Football, HEB, Pappasito’s, Southwest Airlines, “Thee University”, The University, Aggieland, and other colleges…and did we mention George Strait? It is pure Texas! This little treasure of “things Texas” incorporates enough conversational nuggets that I am sure you will be telling your friends about it!

Politics, pop culture, and Christmas put to poetic verse with a touch of Texas swing! Merry Christmas, Y’all is bound to be a favorite of yours this—and every—Christmas season!