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Merry Christmas, Y’all
...Texas Style!

by Dwayne Bohac and Kay Clinton

Book Inspiration

“My son Reagan’s experience in public school inspired the nation’s first ever ‘Merry Christmas Bill’ – House Bill 308 (HB308).

One crisp December afternoon I picked Reagan up from school, and he shared with me that his class had decorated their “holiday tree” with “holiday ornaments.” I was outraged—and sad.

Of course I was aware that our culture had been changing over the years, but this was the flashpoint for me. What had become of the joy and magic of the Christmas Season that I had known?

I set out that very day to restore some sense of sanity, and we did. We no longer can stand back and allow the minority to intimidate the majority. We must speak out and let our voices be heard.

This book—Merry Christmas, Y’all—is the next step on that journey. I hope you enjoy it and laugh as much as Kay and I did writing it.”

~ Dwayne Bohac